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Learning Swedish
December 9, 2014

Duolingo Swedish Day

I finally return to a site people rave about.

For quite a while now, people I know have been going on about how great Duolingo is. I have been told multiple times how addictive it is and how much fun and bla bla bla. Well, that wasn’t my…

Russian VocabuLearn, for Sale on

3-5 Russian, Audio Lessons, Vocabulary

VocabuLearn Russian, once published by Penton Overseas in CD format, is no longer offered through that company, but it may soon find a second life on the Internet, as VocabuLearn for a number of other languages has. VocabuLearn is a…

iTunes: for the Latest Hits, and Chinese Nouns, Too!

3 Mandarin, Audio Lessons, Vocabulary

VocabuLearn Mandarin Chinese comes in three different levels, for a total of nine hours of vocabulary instruction. I tried only the first level for Mandarin, but I have logged many VocabuLearn hours across a number of languages and would say…

I Didn't Get Through 100 Words with This

2 Hindi, Books, Flashcards, Vocabulary

Your First 100 Words in Hindi (the titles in this particular language series always make me feel about five years old, which is kind of fun), I was happy to read that there are no capital letters, but…

Oxford Learner’s Spanish Dictionary: I Like the Heft of This

3 Spanish, Books, Dictionaries, Kids

What makes this a learner’s dictionary as opposed to a regular dictionary is that this one has word tips and examples for the language newcomer. I am sort of a hard-core traditionalist about dictionaries, so I didn’t take…

Hebrew Primer with Coffee

5 Hebrew, Books, Kids

Hebrew, like Arabic, reads right to left, and The Hebrew Primer starts on what would normally be an English speaker’s back cover. I get a kick out of little things like that. This book teaches you how…

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