Language Extravaganza. “Polyglot Conference NYC 2015”

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September 1, 2015

On a Language-Review Bender

Old languages are bubbling, slithering, slinking around in there, and I want them to come out!

For the past months, my language life has continued unabated, on a daily basis, though undocumented here on this blog. I kind of fizzled out on Swedish, not really quite getting where I wanted to go, but it is not…

Shoppers at Patel Brothers

5 Hindi, Food and Drink

I love going to stores with food in other languages. This Jackson Heights establishment is full of unfamiliar foodstuffs and packaging, including giant piles of rice, way beyond what I would ever see in my own regular grocery haunts. Even…

Make Your Wikipedia Experience Multilingual!

General, Websites

A reader of my blog suggested reading Wikipedia in foreign languages as an alternative to foreign-newspaper reading. It’s fun, like reading the encyclopedia randomly. You could click forever! So, go to Wikipedia and then pick a language off the…

On Bionic Language Learners

5 General, Books

This book chronicles the superhuman feats of hyperpolyglots, the Steve Austins and Jaime Sommerses of language learners. It is a great read, though you have to be careful not to let yourself be intimidated by these mindblowing language super-learners. Despite…

Portuguese Reference Manual: This Book Is No Joke!

4 Portuguese, Books

This is, as the title indicates, principally a reference book and not something one would normally use to learn a language. If you are brave, however, and unafraid of grammar and piles of language data, Portuguese: A Reference Manual<…

Great Works at University of Rochester!

General, Websites

The goal of Three Percent is to be “a destination for readers, editors, and translators interested in finding out about modern and contemporary international literature.” Originating at the University of Rochester, the website got its name through the sad fact…