Language Extravaganza. “Polyglot Conference NYC 2015”

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September 1, 2015

On a Language-Review Bender

Old languages are bubbling, slithering, slinking around in there, and I want them to come out!

For the past months, my language life has continued unabated, on a daily basis, though undocumented here on this blog. I kind of fizzled out on Swedish, not really quite getting where I wanted to go, but it is not…

This Is the Previous, 1998 Edition; I Need the New One

Polish, Books

I never actually used Polish: An Essential Grammar by Dana Bielec, because a review copy of the book arrived after my Polish unit had already ended, but it looks useful! You can read a bit about it here…

The Museum Is Here

Korean, Museums/Cultural

I haven’t been to this Koreatown museum, but I found it online while compiling this directory. According to its website, the museum has traditional Korean costumes, furnishings, and more.

From Dover Publications: 2,001 Useful Spanish Words!

4 Spanish, Books, Vocabulary

This is a great book to keep with that pile of magazines in your bathroom—and I mean that as a compliment!  2,001 Most Useful Spanish Words is not exactly the kind of book the average person would…

Start Portuguese, with the Michel Thomas Method!

3-5 Portuguese, Audio Lessons

At the outset of this one-hour CD, a nice-sounding woman told me, “You are just about to experience a new and different approach to learning, and to language learning, that will give you a practical and functional use of the…

Your First 100 Words in Greek: Kind of Fun, But Not Very Effective

3 Greek, Books, Flashcards, Vocabulary

Your First 100 Words in Greek by Ioanna Psalti helps you develop basic vocabulary and a familiarity with Greek script. The vocabulary is divided into various thematic categories, such as animals, clothing, household items, etc.—helpful stuff…

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