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Learning Persian
September 18, 2014

Yep, I’m an Idiot

In which my technological oblivion kicks me in the ass.

Tonight after months of frustration at the lack of sound in Persian courses on Memrise, I went to the Memrise Madness group on Facebook and expressed my disappointment over my soundless learning experience. George Muresan, a dedicated language learner and…

Don't Buy This

1 Hindi, Books, Multimedia

The book part of this Teach Yourself Hindi book-CD combo package starts out: “This course is designed to enable those with no previous knowledge of Hindi to learn to read, write and converse in the language with…

Essential Portuguese Grammar: This Is a Great Little Book

5 Portuguese, Books

I have encountered only a few books like Essential Portuguese Grammar over the years of this language project: small, simple, and clear. It is a gift that, after seeing some of the junk out there, I do…

Essential Portuguese Grammar, at Coffee Shop

3 Portuguese, Books

Essential Portuguese Grammar: A Teach Yourself Guide is a little more lighthearted than some of the heavy Portuguese grammars out there. It focuses on the Portuguese of Portugal, but the author, Sue Tyson-Ward, offers regular comments on…

I Definitely Recommend a Visit

5 General, Museums/Cultural, Kids

This remarkable little museum teaches visitors about New York City’s immigrant past. You can enjoy it in several ways. First, you can tour 97 Orchard Street, which was constructed in the middle of the 19th century and served as home…

A Cultural Extravaganza

5 Portuguese, Fairs/Festivals/Parades, Sports/Fitness, Kids

This annual event takes place on a (usually hot) June day in Central Park. Activities include running races—for both kids and adults—as well as a festival, food, music, and more. The adults’ race is five miles and huge:…

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