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Learning Persian
July 3, 2014

Five-Year Anniversary!

I began this project just over five years ago. It was supposed to last less than a year.

Yesterday my husband, Brandt, and I got on our building’s elevator with a neighbor who was carrying a small rectangular bag over her shoulder. Much Love to Brandt, Who Has Never Once Complained About My Taking Pimsleur Lessons to…

Pocket Korean Dictionary: A Slim Volume of Words

Korean, Books, Dictionaries

I bought the Pocket Korean Dictionary for my Korean studies. I confess I didn’t use it, but it wasn’t the dictionary’s fault. I was preoccupied trying to make it through my Pimsleur Korean …

501 Essential French Verbs, from Dover

4 French, Books

This nicely designed book from Dover Publications consists primarily of verb tables. It is hard to get overly excited about verb tables, which simply involve listing all possible conjugations for a given verb, and then all the conjugations for another…

Visit the Website for Dutch Information and Dutch Shopping!

Dutch, Bookstores/Libraries, Organizations

Located in the New York State Library in Albany, the New Netherland Institute is the home of the New Netherland Project, run for decades by scholar Dr. Charles Gehring. The purpose of the New Netherland Project is…

Some Free Basic Irish Lessons

Irish, Audio Lessons, Websites

RTÉ stands for Raidió Teilifís Éireann, which I believe literally means “Radio Television of Ireland.” (Is there an implied “and” between “Radio” and “Television”? I don’t know yet; I am writing this on just the fourth day of…

New York Mart: Tons of Space, Tons of Food

5 Mandarin, Food and Drink

This sprawling Brooklyn store in Sunset Park’s Chinatown has a remarkable array of produce. When I visited New York Mart in late 2012, I did not look at the meat or fish, though those sections were crowded with customers,…

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