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January 13, 2017

Swahili and Norwegian!

Pimsleurcising continues, along with ice-cream eating.

I am now 10 lessons into Pimsleur Swahili, and I am flipping back and forth between that and Pimsleur Norwegian, of which I have so far done four lessons. There are 30 Pimsleur lessons available for each. A language appetizer. Impressions: Swahili…

If Only There Were More Pimsleur Polish Lessons!

5 Polish, Audio Lessons

My only complaint about Pimsleur Polish is that there just isn’t enough of it—a mere 30 lessons’ worth. Such a shame. A Pimsleur lesson is a miracle of audio interactivity, with constant prompting that gets you speaking in your…

Buy the Modern Brazilian Portuguese Grammar Workbook, Too, So You Get to Practice!

4 Portuguese, Books

This book is very thorough. I like when books are thorough, though unfortunately Modern Brazilian Portuguese Grammar: A Practical Guide is thorough enough to be too heavy to tow around comfortably in a purse, especially since all the…

An Updated Version of an Oldie But Goodie

4-5 Japanese, Books

Published just today, this McGraw-Hill book is a slightly updated version of Easy Kana Workbook, also published by McGraw-Hill all the way back in 1991. I liked that one, so I like this one, too.  One observation: McGraw-Hill…

The Official Syntaxis Grammar Quiz

5 English, General, Tests, Websites

Okay, so right up front, I will confess, yes, I wrote this Syntaxis grammar quiz, and yes, I am shamelessly putting it in my own language directory of reviews with a five-star rating. I happen to be very fond…

Teach Yourself Hindi: This Is an Earnest Book

4 Hindi, Books

I found Teach Yourself Hindi* by Mohini Rao at Bhutala Emporium in Little India in Queens. The subtitle was enticing: “A Unique and Authentic Language Learning Kit from the Country’s Leading Publishing House” (the country being India,…

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