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Learning Persian
November 21, 2014

ACTFL Language Conference!

I've just arrived in downtown San Antonio, which is overrun with marauding gangs of foreign-language teachers.

Over the past two months, I have spent a ton of time on language, but hardly any time writing about language. Oops. Blogs don’t really work if you don’t write. So anyway, I am back. En Route to…

Beautiful Books in Hebrew

5 Hebrew, Bookstores/Libraries

Sefer Israel is a publishing house and a supplier of Hebrew educational materials to schools. Their offerings include books, periodicals, Israeli music, films, and more. This is a wholesaler, not a street-level retail store, but the owner, Orly Farhi-Haley, …

A Sentimental Attachment: The First Grammar Book I Used for This Project

4 Russian, Books

Teach Yourself Russian Grammar by Daphne West was the first grammar book I used for this project. It is, according to the introduction, “a reference and a practice book in one. It is intended for learners with…

Brazilian Day New York 2012

4 Portuguese, Fairs/Festivals/Parades

This massive annual celebration takes place across an area of many blocks around Little Brazil in midtown Manhattan. It is held in late summer, and to get a sense of its frenetic, joyous energy, please see the video in my…

It Says Easy, But It Didn't Work Out That Way For Me

2-5 Arabic, Books

I did not find Easy Arabic Grammar, by Jane Wightwick and Mahmoud Gaafar, easy. I admit I had a brief spell of euphoric pleasure when I was reading the early pages, where I enjoyed an excellent and reassuring…

Storefront, 72nd Street

4-5 Hebrew, Food and Drink

This West 72nd Street café is a fabulous language lab—one of the best free local resources I have found for any language I’ve studied so far during this project. I went there a lot