Language Extravaganza. “Polyglot Conference NYC 2015”

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Learning Pashto
November 28, 2015

Polyglot Conference NYC 2015: A Linguagala!

More than 400 language nerds took over Manhattan in October.

I loved the Polyglot Conference, held October 10-11 at the SVA Theatre on 23rd Street. About 425 people from around the world landed on the isle of Manhattan for two days of language talks and linguatastic extracurriculars. It made me happy. …

Part of a Three-Book Set: The All-Critical Answers

4 French, Books

This is the answer key to the workbook Grammaire. 350 Exercices Niveau supérieur I, which is an exercise book accompanying the textbook Nouvelle Grammaire du Français. Both of those books are included…

82nd Street

4-5 Spanish, Neighborhoods

Elmhurst abuts Jackson Heights, possibly the most diverse neighborhood in the world, and you can see and hear many languages around here. For a 2010 field trip, I visited specifically because I had heard there was a significant Colombian community. And…

56th Street, Borough Park

Hebrew, Yiddish, Neighborhoods

The majority of Borough Park’s residents are Orthodox Jews. In fact, this neighborhood is one of the largest Orthodox Jewish communities outside of Israel. In a 2010 New York Times article, Gregory Beyer wrote, “Religious tradition and…

Great Content, Cute Graphics, Solid Pacing

5 Irish, Multimedia, Websites

This online-learning package from Talk Irish consists of 60 lessons and is an unbelievably good deal. If you are studying Irish, get it. Seriously. First of all, it costs only about $9 per month (you pay in euros through PayPal), and that…

The Everything Essential Brazilian Portuguese Book, by Fernanda Ferreira

3 Portuguese, Books

This small and portable book by Fernanda Ferreira, Ph.D., will work fine as a refresher. I envision it as being appropriate for, say, the businessperson who has studied Brazilian Portuguese in the past, who is hopping on a plane…

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