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Learning Pashto
February 2, 2016

Grammar Books for Protection?

In which an Arabic verb book may possibly have protected me from a crazy person.

Today in New York I got into a verbal altercation with a woman at a cafe who refused to move her belongings off an adjacent seat so that I could sit down. (There were no other seats.) Here’s what…

For Verb Practice

3 French, Books

Practice Makes Perfect: French Verb Tenses by Trudie Maria Booth is appropriate for advanced beginners, intermediate, and advanced students. I am in general partial to books on verbs, because verbs are so central to language and communication.…

Watch Free Television

Irish, Radio/TV/Video/Film, Websites

Learn Irish by watching Irish TV on the Internet! TG4 was established in 1996; the acronym stands for Teilifís na Gaeilge. According to Gabriel Rosenstock in Beginner’s Irish with Audio CD (2005), “Its success has confounded the sceptics, especially the…

Senegalese Community Center

French, Neighborhoods

Le Petit Sénégal, or Little Senegal, is a Central Harlem neighborhood concentrated around 116th Street, from roughly Frederick Douglas Avenue on the west to Lenox Avenue/Malcom X Boulevard on the east. On a search for French there,…

Hans Wehr: A Comprehensive Arabic-English Dictionary

Arabic, Books, Dictionaries

The front cover of this Hans Wehr Dictionary of Modern Written Arabic reads, “A Compact Version of the Internationally Recognized Fourth Edition,” but I can’t find a non-compact fourth edition. Confusing! I have read effusive things…

Hochdeutsch Students, This Could Blow Your Mind!

5 German, Audio Lessons

Pimsleur, part of Simon & Schuster, offers 10 excellent roughly half-hour audio lessons for Swiss German, and I did all 10 of them in 24 hours. I absolutely do not recommend this approach—you are supposed to do one per day—but I…

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