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Learning Persian
July 30, 2014

Doing Dari

I couldn't resist the 60 Pimsleur lessons available for Dari.

Persian has multiple dialects. I have been focusing on the one from Iran, often referred to as Farsi here in the U.S., but there are only 30 Pimsleur lessons for it.  For Dari, the Persian dialect spoken in Afghanistan…

Practice Makes Perfect: Complete Spanish Grammar

3-5 Spanish, Books

Like other books in the sprawling Practice Makes Perfect series from McGraw-Hill, this one, written by Gilda Nissenberg, is packed with exercises. Some are good, but some could be better. I ended up skipping many of them. …

iPod Nano with Pimsleur French

5 French, Audio Lessons, Multimedia

Pimsleur is my favorite self-study language-learning product to date. It offers a series of interactive audio lessons, roughly half an hour each, in which the student is cajoled, prodded, encouraged, etc., to speak a foreign language in response to brilliantly…

Central Park: An Autumn Day

5 Arabic, Dutch, English, French, General, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Yiddish, Parks, Kids

Central Park draws international visitors year round, but if you really want to hear other languages, walk around here during the three non-freezing seasons: spring, summer, and fall. Summer especially is crazy with tourists. You can hear dozens of languages.…

For Bread, Pretzels, Microbrews, Coffee

German, Food and Drink

According to its website, Landbrot is a “bakery bar,” one that celebrates “Germany’s rich culinary traditions and hearty spirit.” This bakery bar offer traditional fresh-baked breads, pastries, pretzels, sausages, German micro-brews, and more. I can’t rate it because…

Zum Schneider, Packed Outside and In...

5 German, Food and Drink

Zum Schneider is a Bavarian bar and restaurant on Avenue C and Seventh Street, and if you like bars, especially of the German variety, this place is for you. When I have been there, I have found, and enjoyed, opportunities…

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