Learning Review Period
May 27, 2018

Spring Awakening

In which my thoughts turn to studying Chinese, Arabic, and Russian.

Last week I thought to myself, it would be cool to learn some Chinese characters right around now. Even though I spent a little time on Chinese some years back, I focused on spoken skills and pinyin and never learned…

German Grammar Drills: Not the Most Grammar Fun I've Ever Had

3 German, Books

German Grammar Drills by Ed Swick does indeed provide the drills that its title promises, but the exercises could be better at developing skills and encouraging retention. There is just too much mindless repetition. For example,…

Inside the Bookstore

4 Mandarin, Bookstores/Libraries, Kids

I visited this bookstore in Flushing’s Chinatown soon after I began my Mandarin studies, and boy, did I feel helpless! I could not read a word. A friendly Chung Hwa employee helped me out, giving me advice on which…

Cathedral of Saint Markella

4 Greek, Neighborhoods

Astoria, a neighborhood in northwestern Queens, has significant Greek history and influences. According to Wikipedia, in the 1960s it had the largest Greek population outside of Greece. When I went to Astoria to look for signs of Greek in mid-2010,…

Little Brazil

Portuguese, Neighborhoods

Little Brazil in New York City is little. It lies on 46th Street between Fifth and Sixth avenues, and there are on this particular block enough other languages/countries represented in the retail establishments that in the past, when walking…

There Are So Many Spanish Meetup Groups in the U.S. You Can Hardly See the Map!

Spanish, Classes/Conversation, Social

Yeah, you could go to a Meetup group for Spanish. Alternatively, in various parts of the country, you could simply walk outside your building or down the block. Spanish is so common in New York that I guess I personally…

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