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September 1, 2015

On a Language-Review Bender

Old languages are bubbling, slithering, slinking around in there, and I want them to come out!

For the past months, my language life has continued unabated, on a daily basis, though undocumented here on this blog. I kind of fizzled out on Swedish, not really quite getting where I wanted to go, but it is not…

For the Kids: Polish Memory Cards

5 English, General, Polish, Bookstores/Libraries, Kids

This lovely independent bookstore in Greenpoint has all kinds of books in English, but what caught my eye when I stopped by in 2011 is that it also had Polish books for children. Not huge numbers of them, but between those…

Columbus Park, with Columbus Statue

3-5 Mandarin, Parks, Sports/Fitness, Kids

You might think Columbus Park is an odd name for a Chinatown park, but as one of New York’s oldest neighborhoods, this area has had many incarnations, and the park itself has had various names, among them Mulberry Bend…

You Can Roam the City with This

5 Dutch, Books

This is not a language book, but rather, a guide from the Museum of the City of New York that reveals the layers of the past lying beneath our New York present. Exploring Historic Dutch New York

Visit Their Website for Language Rules and Regulations

German, Organizations

 The Council for German Orthography is based in Mannheim, Germany. It consists of 39 members who weigh in periodically on spelling issues affecting the German language in the wake of the major German spelling reforms of 1996 and the subsequent compromise…

The Box Rosetta Stone Japanese Came In

3 Japanese, Multimedia

Rosetta Stone Japanese offers an interactive, computer-based learning experience that includes games, voice-recognition features, and even human tutors if you want them. I am not a fan of Rosetta Stone for more familiar languages—such as French, Spanish, Italian, or…

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