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Learning Swedish
March 8, 2015

Big Apple Greeter Preparation

I have to brush up on Italian, so I'm reading Assimil's Lo Svedese!

After a winter hiatus, I am back to doing weekly Big Apple Greeter visits. What that means is I take tourists around New York through the Big Apple Greeter volunteer program. The goal is to show visitors a slice of…

A Box of Vocabulary: Better Than Chocolate!

5 German, Flashcards, Vocabulary

Some people are partial to electronic gadgets for their vocabulary-building needs, but in my mind there is nothing like good old-fashioned flashcards. SparkNotes offers great ones in several languages. Or rather, offered. While in the process of writing this review,…

View of Main Street, Flushing

5 Mandarin, Neighborhoods

From what I have heard, the Chinatown of Flushing is considered by many to be a more authentic Chinatown than the one in Manhattan. I have much more to explore still, but I can tell you there are tons…

32nd Street

4 Korean, Neighborhoods

Koreatown isn’t actually big enough to qualify as a town. According to Google, it runs from 31st to 36th streets, between Fifth and Sixth avenues, though I know of it primarily as a 32nd Street phenomenon.  Korean abounds…

View from Outside

4-5 Japanese, Food and Drink

Midoriya is a Japanese mini-mart in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. They sell all kinds of Japanese foodstuffs, kitchen items, and other miscellaneous useful things. It is clean, bright, and cheerful—one of the tidiest little stores I have ever seen in New…

View up Manhattan Avenue, Greenpoint

5 Polish, Neighborhoods

For a slew of Polish stores and restaurants and people, go to Greenpoint! The sheer volume of Polish is stunning. I have been there multiple times, but on one of my favorite visits, I enjoyed a lovely walk down…

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