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Learning Swedish
February 17, 2015

A Definite Article Shocker

Swedish articles often show up in unexpected locations.

In my neighborhood last week, I auspiciously came across a new Swedish cafe, Fika, pictured here. At least I think it’s Swedish; I guess it could be pretend Swedish. Att fika in Swedish means “to have…

Meetups For Korean on Several Continents

Korean, Classes/Conversation, Social

Enter your zip code on the far right of this page to see whether there is a Korean Language Meetup group in your area. As an example of what’s out there: in New York in early March 2013, there were 902 “…

Start 'Em Young!

Arabic, Mandarin, Spanish, Classes/Conversation, Kids

This project was founded by Angela Jackson, a business executive whose experiences living and working abroad highlighted for her the advantages multilingualism conferred on children overseas, in terms of both educational and professional opportunities. Bringing together language instructors, researchers, school…

Oxford Essential Polish Dictionary: I Really Like This One!

5 Polish, Books, Dictionaries

The Oxford Essential Polish Dictionary is extremely usable and useful. I am picky about dictionaries. I like the aesthetics of this one: the readability of the print, the weight of the book (light), and its dimensions (small-purse…

A Tiny Verb Book, with Pen for Scale

3 Italian, Books

This wee out-of-print book of verb tables was compiled by LEXUS with Andrew Wilkin. If you want a really tiny book with a bunch of verb conjugations to throw in your bag, this might do the job, assuming you…

Pocket-Size Spanish from Larousse: I Find This Usable

4 Spanish, Books, Dictionaries

The Larousse Pocket Spanish-English/English-Spanish Dictionary is a robust pocket dictionary, not one of those super-mini ones. I didn’t use it much, but it worked well for me when I did.

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