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Learning Swedish
March 8, 2015

Big Apple Greeter Preparation

I have to brush up on Italian, so I'm reading Assimil's Lo Svedese!

After a winter hiatus, I am back to doing weekly Big Apple Greeter visits. What that means is I take tourists around New York through the Big Apple Greeter volunteer program. The goal is to show visitors a slice of…

See Their Website for Upcoming Events

French, Museums/Cultural, Conferences/Lectures

Founded in 1959 and housed in a 19th-century red-brick carriage house, La Maison Française offers lectures, symposia, films, exhibits, and other French cultural events. It is described on its website as “the most active center of French-American cultural and intellectual…

The Storefront

4 Japanese, Food and Drink

This store claims to be the oldest Japanese grocery in the United States! The space itself, on 59th Street between Second and Third avenues, is not all that big, but an employee told me people call in orders from around…

Wear and Tear Is a Sign of Affection

5 Italian,

This dictionary from Berkley Publishing Group was the perfect size and had the perfect binding and layout for my needs. As you can see from the photo, it got thoroughly thumbed—a sign of love. And usability! To clarify what…

The Official Syntaxis Grammar Quiz

5 English, General, Tests, Websites

Okay, so right up front, I will confess, yes, I wrote this Syntaxis grammar quiz, and yes, I am shamelessly putting it in my own language directory of reviews with a five-star rating. I happen to be very fond…

A Flushing Street

5 Korean, Neighborhoods

Korean is certainly not the only language in Flushing, but it is well represented. Take the 7 train to the end of the line in Queens and you will see a ton of Korean. This neighborhood is home to a large…

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