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Learning Persian
July 3, 2014

Five-Year Anniversary!

I began this project just over five years ago. It was supposed to last less than a year.

Yesterday my husband, Brandt, and I got on our building’s elevator with a neighbor who was carrying a small rectangular bag over her shoulder. Much Love to Brandt, Who Has Never Once Complained About My Taking Pimsleur Lessons to…

Visit Their Website for Language Rules and Regulations

German, Organizations

 The Council for German Orthography is based in Mannheim, Germany. It consists of 39 members who weigh in periodically on spelling issues affecting the German language in the wake of the major German spelling reforms of 1996 and the subsequent compromise…

Basic Korean Grammar and Workbook: Not Basic Enough

3 Korean, Books

I did not get far at all in Basic Korean: A Grammar and Workbook by Andrew Sangpil Byon. I straggled through to page 21 and stopped. A big question for me was, who exactly is the target audience? …

Arabic Language Meetup Groups Around the World!

Arabic, Classes/Conversation, Social, launched in 2001, brings together people in a community around all types of interests: politics, food, language, and more. Type in your zip code here to see whether there is an Arabic Language Meetup group near you. In early 2013,…

Basic Italian, by Alessandra Visconti

3-5 Italian, Books, Kids

I did not love Practice Makes Perfect: Basic Italian by Alessandra Visconti, but I found it pleasant. I am in general pretty fond of the ubiquitous Practice Makes Perfect series from McGraw-Hill and have used…

A Box from Berlitz, Full of Italian Vocabulary

4-5 Italian, Flashcards, Vocabulary

These Italian vocabulary study cards from Berlitz were a pleasant surprise. I liked the choice of words included; they are of general interest, varied, not too specialized.  Buy them and you will learn things like “lip” (il …