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Learning Review Period
July 6, 2016

A Summer Linguabinge!

I am running from one language to the next, awakening slumbering friends.

I did not mean to abandon Pashto. I love Pashto. I merely put it on hold. More on that another time! In preparation for my talk on language-learning products at Polyglot Conference Thessaloniki 2016, I am now giddily regarding my language…

Approaching FIAF

5 French, Museums/Cultural, Organizations, Classes/Conversation, Kids

FIAF, as it is known, is a wonderful New York City institution offering diverse cultural events and resources for Francophile New Yorkers. I have gone to a conversation event there, seen French movies, visited the library, taken a few French…

Isn't This a Bucolic Cover?

Irish, Audio Lessons, Books

I am on page 21 of this book, and if I didn’t already know that the author was a poet, I would be able to guess it. This is unlike any language book I have read before. It so far…

Pimsleur Mandarin Chinese Develops Your Speaking Skills

5 Mandarin, Audio Lessons

Pimsleur is my favorite language-learning product to date across multiple languages. Over the past four years, if I count repeat lessons, I have done literally thousands of Pimsleur lessons.  A Pimsleur lesson is a highly interactive oral and auditory…

Cute Cover!

4-5 General, Books, Neighborhoods

This 2007 book weaves together poignant and sometimes surprising immigrant tales from neighborhoods all over New York City. What happens globally changes the shape of the city, by bringing new waves of people from around the world to reinvent New York…

Me Doing Dutch Pimsleur While Getting E-Stim Treatment at My Chiropractor's Office

5 Dutch, Audio Lessons

Pimsleur Dutch builds oral skills. The product consists of a series of roughly 30-minute lessons, highly interactive, prompting you to speak words, phrases, and sentences in Dutch in a way that gives far more practice than I have ever had…

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