Language Extravaganza. “Polyglot Conference NYC 2015”

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September 1, 2015

On a Language-Review Bender

Old languages are bubbling, slithering, slinking around in there, and I want them to come out!

For the past months, my language life has continued unabated, on a daily basis, though undocumented here on this blog. I kind of fizzled out on Swedish, not really quite getting where I wanted to go, but it is not…

Perfect Your Spanish Verb Tenses

4 Spanish, Books

This book can be your companion for a review of the present tense, reflexive verbs, irregular verbs, present progressive, preterite, imperfect, future, conditional, present perfect, past perfect, imperative, subjunctive, and more. You can be a beginner and use it, but…

Relevant Only If You Have the Second Edition of Alif Baa

3 Arabic, Books

This is the answer key to the second edition of Alif Baa with Multimedia, also reviewed in this directory. If you are using the newer, third edition of Alif Baa—which appeared in 2010, after I…

Visual Education's Arabic Vocabulary Cards

2-5 Arabic, Flashcards, Vocabulary

This product from Visual Education includes 1,000 vocabulary cards, each of which contains an Arabic word, and sometimes additional related words. I used them back in 2009 when I was studying Arabic, and was mystified by some of the choices made in…

Hebrew Primer with Coffee

5 Hebrew, Books, Kids

Hebrew, like Arabic, reads right to left, and The Hebrew Primer starts on what would normally be an English speaker’s back cover. I get a kick out of little things like that. This book teaches you how…

The New-York Historical Society

5 Dutch, Museums/Cultural, Kids

I love this museum because of its tenacious focus on one of my favorite subjects: New York City. They have wonderful exhibits and a fancy introductory movie on New York City, and I have been there many times over the…

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