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Learning Pashto
February 2, 2016

Grammar Books for Protection?

In which an Arabic verb book may possibly have protected me from a crazy person.

Today in New York I got into a verbal altercation with a woman at a cafe who refused to move her belongings off an adjacent seat so that I could sit down. (There were no other seats.) Here’s what…

Columbus Park, with Columbus Statue

3-5 Mandarin, Parks, Sports/Fitness, Kids

You might think Columbus Park is an odd name for a Chinatown park, but as one of New York’s oldest neighborhoods, this area has had many incarnations, and the park itself has had various names, among them Mulberry Bend…

Can-Can Dancers, Bastille Day 2011 © Arianys Wilson

French, Fairs/Festivals/Parades, Kids

This event takes place annually on 60th Street from Fifth Avenue to Lexington. I haven’t been to it that I can remember, but it is sponsored by the French Institute Alliance Française and is billed as a family-friendly…

This Is Not Totally Basic

Irish, Books

Basic Irish announces in its introduction, “This is not meant to be a self-contained course or reference grammar, both of which are readily available elsewhere. Rather, it is intended to accompany and supplement whatever course materials an…

I Love These Oxford Dictionaries

Portuguese, Books, Dictionaries

The Oxford New Portuguese Dictionary is a member of a dictionary series from Oxford that I really like and have used for other languages. The series as a whole is well-designed and lightweight (meaning easily portable through New…

For a Verb Workout

3-5 Spanish, Books

“If you are a true beginner,” writes author Frank H. Nuessel in the introduction to Barron’s Spanish Verb Workbook, “you will find that this book makes no assumptions. You will learn about the other [i.e., non-verb]…

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