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Learning Review Period
July 6, 2016

A Summer Linguabinge!

I am running from one language to the next, awakening slumbering friends.

I did not mean to abandon Pashto. I love Pashto. I merely put it on hold. More on that another time! In preparation for my talk on language-learning products at Polyglot Conference Thessaloniki 2016, I am now giddily regarding my language…

Dahesh Bookstore, Book-Lined and Welcoming

5 Arabic, Bookstores/Libraries

This is a bookstore and publishing company that I visited a couple of times back in 2009, when it was located at 57th Street and Broadway. At the time of this writing, Dahesh was in transit to a new location, so…

Can-Can Dancers, Bastille Day 2011 © Arianys Wilson

French, Fairs/Festivals/Parades, Kids

This event takes place annually on 60th Street from Fifth Avenue to Lexington. I haven’t been to it that I can remember, but it is sponsored by the French Institute Alliance Française and is billed as a family-friendly…

The Museum Is Here

Korean, Museums/Cultural

I haven’t been to this Koreatown museum, but I found it online while compiling this directory. According to its website, the museum has traditional Korean costumes, furnishings, and more.

Little Brazil

Portuguese, Neighborhoods

Little Brazil in New York City is little. It lies on 46th Street between Fifth and Sixth avenues, and there are on this particular block enough other languages/countries represented in the retail establishments that in the past, when walking…

A Moment in Television Time, 2009

4 Italian, News, Radio/TV/Video/Film

When I was studying Italian in 2009 and 2010, the Italian channel RAI was 554 in Manhattan with Time Warner Cable. I don’t know how much it costs currently, nor do I know what other cable companies you might be able to…

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