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Learning Persian
November 21, 2014

ACTFL Language Conference!

I've just arrived in downtown San Antonio, which is overrun with marauding gangs of foreign-language teachers.

Over the past two months, I have spent a ton of time on language, but hardly any time writing about language. Oops. Blogs don’t really work if you don’t write. So anyway, I am back. En Route to…

Jerusalem Post IVRIT: News While You Learn

Hebrew, News

The Jerusalem Post IVRIT, billed as a “high standard magazine in easy Hebrew for the whole family,” was recommended by a reader. I am not familiar with it myself, but reading foreign-language news is in general a great…

BarCharts Spanish Vocabulary Flashcards

3-5 Spanish, Flashcards, Vocabulary

I am picky about my flashcards. These Spanish vocabulary flashcards from BarCharts come in a box of 1,000. It’s a good number of flashcards, and if you buy them and learn them all, or even most of them, you…

Rosetta Stone Polish: Fancy Packaging

3 Polish, Multimedia

Rosetta Stone is a multimedia application packaged for many different world languages. There are three levels available for their Polish TOTALe product, and I made it through most of the second level.  At times I enjoyed Rosetta Stone Polish…

This Is So You Can Spell, and Be Spelled to, in French

3 French, Audio Lessons, Radio/TV/Video/Film, Websites

If you want to sound literate in a foreign language, it is important to be able to spell. But because the spoken alphabet is not normally taught in standard teach-yourself materials, you kind of need to work on it on…

Balady Halal Foods, Bay Ridge

Arabic, Food and Drink

“The finest Middle Eastern Halal market,” according to its Facebook page. I haven’t bought anything there, but I’ve been inside, and I liked the looks of it! It is located in the heavily Arabic-speaking neighborhood of Bay Ridge…

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