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Learning Swedish
January 15, 2015

Swedish Pronunciation Tools

My pronunciation challenges with Dutch would have been addressed by all the web-based tools available to me today.

When I studied Dutch in 2012, I had a hard time figuring out how to pronounce things. And I am not a person who can read a text about or in a foreign language without knowing how to pronounce the foreign…

Great Works at University of Rochester!

General, Websites

The goal of Three Percent is to be “a destination for readers, editors, and translators interested in finding out about modern and contemporary international literature.” Originating at the University of Rochester, the website got its name through the sad fact…

Complete German Grammar, with Caffeination

3-5 German, Books

I won’t deny there was some good practice in this book by Ed Swick. Like the McGraw-Hill Practice Makes Perfect series generally, there are many, many exercises—more than you find in your typical foreign-language…

A Petite French Grammar with a Very High Grammar-to-Dollar Ratio

5 French, Books

This small old-fashioned French book has a high grammar density. It is not a workbook; it is a concise summary of the basic principles of French grammar, populated with numerous helpful examples. The cover promises that it is “All the…

Essential Portuguese Grammar: This Is a Great Little Book

5 Portuguese, Books

I have encountered only a few books like Essential Portuguese Grammar over the years of this language project: small, simple, and clear. It is a gift that, after seeing some of the junk out there, I do…

Me Working Hard on Pimsleur Japanese

5 Japanese, Audio Lessons

A Pimsleur lesson is a highly interactive audio experience, roughly 30 minutes long, in which you are repeatedly prompted to say things in your target language. It is challenging but effective—more effective than any other self-help language-learning product I have…

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