Learning Review Period
May 27, 2018

Spring Awakening

In which my thoughts turn to studying Chinese, Arabic, and Russian.

Last week I thought to myself, it would be cool to learn some Chinese characters right around now. Even though I spent a little time on Chinese some years back, I focused on spoken skills and pinyin and never learned…

I Often Did Pimsleur Arabic on the Floor; It Made It Easier to Focus

5 Arabic, Audio Lessons

I love Pimsleur and have used it for 15 different languages to date. Pimsleur Eastern Arabic consists of a series of exquisitely designed audio lessons, roughly half an hour each, in which you are constantly challenged to speak Arabic in response…

Hebrew Primer with Coffee

5 Hebrew, Books, Kids

Hebrew, like Arabic, reads right to left, and The Hebrew Primer starts on what would normally be an English speaker’s back cover. I get a kick out of little things like that. This book teaches you how…

I Like This Book

4-5 Japanese, Books, Kids

This book is a lot of fun. It teaches you to write all the characters in the two Japanese syllabaries, hiragana and katakana, which are collectively referred to as kana. The kana, 92 of them in total, are basic elements…

Flatbush Avenue

French, Neighborhoods

I went here one day looking for Haitian French. I found a lot of Creole. And maybe a few cuss words. It was fun to walk around, though, and one could certainly see the influence of French on business names…

Search for Hindi Meetup Groups in Your Area!

Hindi, Classes/Conversation, Social

On the far right of the Hindi Language Meetup page, you can type in your zip code to see whether there are any groups in your area dedicated to Hindi-related meetings and events.  In March 2013, for example, a search…

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