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Learning Swedish
March 8, 2015

Big Apple Greeter Preparation

I have to brush up on Italian, so I'm reading Assimil's Lo Svedese!

After a winter hiatus, I am back to doing weekly Big Apple Greeter visits. What that means is I take tourists around New York through the Big Apple Greeter volunteer program. The goal is to show visitors a slice of…

A Very Pretty Church

Greek, Religious, Classes/Conversation, Kids

I have done nothing more than stand outside this church and look at its exterior, so I am not in a position to rate it! I also think I might be a little uneasy rating a church, period. But I…

You Can Buy This on iTunes, But It's Cheaper on

5 Persian, Audio Lessons

Today I finished the thirtieth and final lesson available from Pimsleur for Iranian Persian (also known as Farsi). I am slightly in mourning; I love Pimsleur’s products so much, and I wish they had more lessons for this particular…

My First Exposure to Pimsleur: I Borrowed Russian from the Library in 2009

5 Russian, Audio Lessons

Russian was the first language I studied as part of this language project. I had never even heard of Pimsleur until I came across the Pimsleur Russian CDs at the New York Public Library (Mid-Manhattan Branch) at 40th Street and…

Basic Italian, by Alessandra Visconti

3-5 Italian, Books, Kids

I did not love Practice Makes Perfect: Basic Italian by Alessandra Visconti, but I found it pleasant. I am in general pretty fond of the ubiquitous Practice Makes Perfect series from McGraw-Hill and have used…

These Are, or Rather Were, a Great and Reasonably Portable Study Tool

5 French, Flashcards, Vocabulary

These are great. Blue on one side, white on the other, clear print, sturdy, and a good choice of words. Plus inexpensive. Or at least they used to be. Unfortunately, between the time I began this review and the time…

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