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December 7, 2017

2017: Bad for Politics, Good for Pimsleur

The company has introduced more lessons for many languages, and I am happy.

Dear Pimsleur-loving friends, I have noticed new and newish additions to the Pimsleur audio-language-lesson inventory that I feel merit mention. Every time I look on the Pimsleur website, I see lessons that weren’t there before. I notice them right…

Block Where Alwan for the Arts Resides

4 Arabic, Museums/Cultural

In downtown Manhattan, you can visit Alwan for the Arts for cultural events in the realms of music, dance, film, books, and more. An event I went to there in 2009 was enticingly called “Leyya Tawil’s Dance Elixir,” with clarinetist…

Great Works at University of Rochester!

General, Websites

The goal of Three Percent is to be “a destination for readers, editors, and translators interested in finding out about modern and contemporary international literature.” Originating at the University of Rochester, the website got its name through the sad fact…

Pretty Design, Okay Content

3-5 Dutch, Books

If I hadn’t had German helping me out (there are many similarities with Dutch), I think Basic Dutch: A Grammar and Workbook would have been too hard for me as a complete beginner. Because I did have…

Japanese Meetups Around NYC, Early 2013

Japanese, Classes/Conversation, Social

In early 2013, a quick search for Japanese Language Meetup groups in New York City yielded 38 results. In other words, there is no shortage of Japanese Meetup opportunities here, from language-focused events to play groups to cultural gatherings. Type in your…

Heidelberg Restaurant

4 German, Food and Drink

This German restaurant and bar, located on Second Avenue near 86th Street, is in Yorkville on the East Side. Yorkville at one time was heavily populated with German immigrants. I went during off hours, sat at the bar, and…

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