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April 19, 2014

I Want to Take the Hi-LAB Test!

Maybe it can predict my language future. Or explain my past!

Yesterday afternoon I became mildly obsessed with the Hi-LAB—or High Level Language Aptitude Battery test—which I just read about in an interesting new article from language writer Michael Erard. I want to take the Hi-LAB test.…

Yiddish Books at the YIVO Library

5 Yiddish, Bookstores/Libraries, Museums/Cultural, Organizations, Classes/Conversation, Conferences/Lectures, Kids

The YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, right here in Chelsea in New York City, has the largest collection of Yiddish-language materials in the world! Founded in 1925 in Vilna, Poland, it relocated to New York City 15 years later. Its mission is “…

Arabic Vocabulary, Available for Purchase on McGraw-Hill's Website and Elsewhere

Arabic, Books, Vocabulary

I haven’t used Practice Makes Perfect: Arabic Vocabulary by Jane Wightwick and Mahmoud Gaafar, because it wasn’t around when I was studying Arabic. I would certainly have tested it if it had been! 

A Sentimental Attachment: The First Grammar Book I Used for This Project

4 Russian, Books

Teach Yourself Russian Grammar by Daphne West was the first grammar book I used for this project. It is, according to the introduction, “a reference and a practice book in one. It is intended for learners with…

Balady Halal Foods, Bay Ridge

Arabic, Food and Drink

“The finest Middle Eastern Halal market,” according to its Facebook page. I haven’t bought anything there, but I’ve been inside, and I liked the looks of it! It is located in the heavily Arabic-speaking neighborhood of Bay Ridge…

I Love This Sculpture on Their Home Page

Portuguese, Museums/Cultural, Organizations

Founded in 2011, the Arte Institute is a non-profit organization that supports Portuguese artists, writers, musicians, dancers, and filmmakers, encouraging a cross-cultural dialogue between New York and Portugal. I have no personal experience with Arte, so if you check them out…