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December 7, 2017

2017: Bad for Politics, Good for Pimsleur

The company has introduced more lessons for many languages, and I am happy.

Dear Pimsleur-loving friends, I have noticed new and newish additions to the Pimsleur audio-language-lesson inventory that I feel merit mention. Every time I look on the Pimsleur website, I see lessons that weren’t there before. I notice them right…

Columbus Park, with Columbus Statue

3-5 Mandarin, Parks, Sports/Fitness, Kids

You might think Columbus Park is an odd name for a Chinatown park, but as one of New York’s oldest neighborhoods, this area has had many incarnations, and the park itself has had various names, among them Mulberry Bend…

W J Bookstore, Sunset Park

4 Mandarin, Bookstores/Libraries, Kids

There are three of these bookstores around New York City, one in each of the three major Chinatowns. Besides the one listed in this entry, in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, there is one on 377 Broadway in Manhattan (212-226-5131) and one…

Café Riviera, Greenpoint

4 Polish, Food and Drink

Café Riviera in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, has Polish employees and Polish desserts and Polish customers. I traveled here in search of people to speak Polish to, and it was a highly effective strategy. I took my grammar book with me, studied…

Cute Website!

Arabic, English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Kids

I know little about Little Pim, other than that it offers language-learning products for kids, that it was founded by Julia Pimsleur Levine, and that the company’s instructional DVDs span multiple language families. Also that Ms. Levine happens…

Japanese Meetups Around NYC, Early 2013

Japanese, Classes/Conversation, Social

In early 2013, a quick search for Japanese Language Meetup groups in New York City yielded 38 results. In other words, there is no shortage of Japanese Meetup opportunities here, from language-focused events to play groups to cultural gatherings. Type in your…

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