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Learning Swedish
February 17, 2015

A Definite Article Shocker

Swedish articles often show up in unexpected locations.

In my neighborhood last week, I auspiciously came across a new Swedish cafe, Fika, pictured here. At least I think it’s Swedish; I guess it could be pretend Swedish. Att fika in Swedish means “to have…

See Their Website for Upcoming Events

French, Museums/Cultural, Conferences/Lectures

Founded in 1959 and housed in a 19th-century red-brick carriage house, La Maison Française offers lectures, symposia, films, exhibits, and other French cultural events. It is described on its website as “the most active center of French-American cultural and intellectual…

A Slim and Elegant Volume of Irish Information

3 Irish, Books

This book, written by a teacher in Dublin and published in 2002, is described on its jacket as “a solid guide and starting point designed to help even those who as yet have little or no Irish find ways to learn…

32nd Street

4 Korean, Neighborhoods

Koreatown isn’t actually big enough to qualify as a town. According to Google, it runs from 31st to 36th streets, between Fifth and Sixth avenues, though I know of it primarily as a 32nd Street phenomenon.  Korean abounds…

You Can Learn Languages Here

5 French, Italian, Spanish, Bookstores/Libraries, Kids

This Chelsea bookstore, which opened in 2008, radiates bibliophilia. You can buy books in French, Spanish, or Italian here, and also take classes at the store in any of those three languages. The owner, David Del Vecchio, previously worked at the…

Mr. Tammet, Whose Ability Inspires Awe

5 General, Radio/TV/Video/Film

Click here to see an incredible video about Daniel Tammet, a language savant who learned Icelandic in a week.  Yes. A week. That is insane. Mr. Tammet is a writer and linguist with what is known as high-functioning autistic…

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