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July 30, 2017

Cool Croatian

I still manage to use language on a daily basis! But I am distracted from my studies by the American political situation.

Tonight I walked seven miles with Pimsleur in the park, for the first time in a while. I did five and a half Croatian lessons and loved them. Fireflies, my favorite bugs of all time, floated and flitted with me. …

Dictionary.com Can Tell You the Origins of Words Like Schadenfreude and Aardvark

5 English, General, Dictionaries, Websites

I love this free resource. When I need absolute certainty about what I am looking up, I will go to my beautiful and totally current hardcover American Heritage dictionary, but for a quick check of a word’s…

In Early 2013, There Were 571 French Meetups in 24 Countries!

French, Classes/Conversation, Social

Enter your zip code on the far right of this page to see whether there are French Meetups in your area. If you want to practice language skills above all else, check that any Meetup events you select are…

On Small and Often Irksome Words: Italian Pronouns and Prepositions

3 Italian, Books

In general, I don’t mind pronouns, but I don’t groove on prepositions. They are among the hardest things for me to learn when I study foreign languages. Indeed, as author Daniela Gobetti herself notes in Practice Makes…

Do You Think There's a Below-Average Number of Grammatical Errors on This Site?

English, Websites, Organizations

I think years ago I might actually have been a member of this organization, but I can’t remember for sure. In any case, they have a lovely mission statement: “The Council promotes the development of literacy, the use…

There May Be a Russian Meetup in Your Area!

Russian, Classes/Conversation, Social

Enter your zip code here to find Meetup groups near you focused on Russian conversation. In case you are unfamiliar with the Meetup phenomenon, there are Meetup groups for all kinds of interests, not just language. I personally am…