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Learning Persian
July 30, 2014

Doing Dari

I couldn't resist the 60 Pimsleur lessons available for Dari.

Persian has multiple dialects. I have been focusing on the one from Iran, often referred to as Farsi here in the U.S., but there are only 30 Pimsleur lessons for it.  For Dari, the Persian dialect spoken in Afghanistan…

Visit Their Website for French Advice (in French)

French, Organizations

In countries not the United States, it is not unusual to find an organized body of language experts who weigh in on questions relating to their national language. You know, like a Council on American Grammar and Usage—except we…

Screen Shot, Rocket French

French, Multimedia

Headquartered in New Zealand, Rocket Languages offers products for multiple languages. I didn’t use Rocket French enough, or recently enough, to rate it, but I liked my brief encounter with it in April 2011 well enough to consider trying…

VocabuLearn Spanish CDs Are Now Hard to Find, But MP3s Are Not

3-5 Spanish, Audio Lessons, Vocabulary

VocabuLearn Spanish is not glamorous, but it is useful. It works like this: a voice tells you a word in English, then you come up with the equivalent in Spanish, then you are told the answer, which you have a…

You Can Buy Ha-yesod on

Hebrew, Books

I didn’t know about Ha-yesod: Fundamentals of Hebrew during my Hebrew unit, but a few months after it concluded, one of my readers—who knew I hadn’t found the perfect Hebrew grammar book—mentioned it to…

Doyers Street

5 Mandarin, Neighborhoods

The most well-known Chinatown by far in New York City (there are several) embraces areas that were once inhabited by Italian, Irish, Eastern European, and other immigrant groups. Historical residues are everywhere. You can get there on multiple subway lines;…

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