Learning Review Period
May 27, 2018

Spring Awakening

In which my thoughts turn to studying Chinese, Arabic, and Russian.

Last week I thought to myself, it would be cool to learn some Chinese characters right around now. Even though I spent a little time on Chinese some years back, I focused on spoken skills and pinyin and never learned…

A Petite French Grammar with a Very High Grammar-to-Dollar Ratio

5 French, Books

This small old-fashioned French book has a high grammar density. It is not a workbook; it is a concise summary of the basic principles of French grammar, populated with numerous helpful examples. The cover promises that it is “All the…

Dirty Portuguese: For Explicit-Language-Friendly People

3 Portuguese, Books

Okay, I will be honest: I didn’t do much with this irreverent little book except giggle over it. Dirty Portuguese is what I consider to be more of a gag gift, like for a college student…

Sahil Sari Palace

Hindi, Neighborhoods

Little India in Jackson Heights offers many languages and a window into a culture that began far, far away.  Along 74th Street you can find Hindi and Bengali signs, sari-wearing women, store windows filled with elaborate gold jewelry, the…

Lederhosen's Bar

4 German, Food and Drink

This Greenwich Village establishment is described on its website as a “German Wurst and Bierhaus.”  When I was there (this was in 2010), multiple people working there spoke German, so I think your chances of combining food-ordering and food-eating activities…

The Box Rosetta Stone Japanese Came In

3 Japanese, Multimedia

Rosetta Stone Japanese offers an interactive, computer-based learning experience that includes games, voice-recognition features, and even human tutors if you want them. I am not a fan of Rosetta Stone for more familiar languages—such as French, Spanish, Italian, or…

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