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Ellen Jovin
Author & Grammar Table Proprietor
Cover of the book Rebel without a Clause by Ellen Jovin

Rebel with a Clause

Tales and Tips from a Roving Grammarian

Ellen has traveled nearly 30,000 miles around the U.S. to address the most pressing—and amusing—grammar questions of our time. Learn grammar while laughing your way through this groundbreaking new grammar travelogue!

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Ellen Jovin sitting at her Grammar Table

"A delightful, educative journey through some prickly regions of English grammar."

—Kirkus (Starred review)

“Of all things a jolly grammar book!... Jovin has the gift of making grammar feel like charcuterie instead of medicine.”

—John McWhorter

New York Times bestselling author of Our Magnificent Bastard Tongue and Nine Nasty Words

"Ellen Jovin is, literally, a public grammarian, doling out advice...with sweetness and an enviable generosity of spirit. This is lovely work."

—Benjamin Dreyer

New York Times bestselling author of Dreyer’s English

“This is perhaps the most imaginative book ever written about grammar."

—Bryan A. Garner

Author, Garner’s Modern English Usage

“A fresh and democratic take on language by a gifted teacher.”

—Mary Norris

New York Times bestselling author of Between You and Me: Confessions of a Comma Queen and Greek to Me